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Stop Snoring Device - Keys to Success

Why is the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution so much more effective and comfortable than other stop snoring mouthpieces available online?

There are a total of seven factors that make an anti snoring mouthpiece comfortable to wear and also the most effective for stopping snoring and/or sleep apnea.

Number One:
Does the mouthpiece allow your lower jaw to progress forward gradually in small increments to find the most optimal position that completely opens the airway and stops your snoring? Most of the snoring mouthpieces on the market are one size fits all devices that most likely will not be set in the most optimal position to stop your snoring.

Number Two:
Is the mouthpiece designed to eliminate bulkiness so it's comfortable to wear throughout the night? Mouthpieces designed with an adjustment mechanism either have an outer hard plastic shell and/or much bulkier height making it difficult to close your lips around the device. Only the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution allows you to advance the bottom jaw gradually forward to find the best position to stop snoring and sleep apnea without a bulky adjustment mechanism.

Number Three:
Is the mouthpiece made out of a material that can be trimmed and molded to fit any size mouth? Several of the most advertised mouthpieces are either made out of a non-moldable plastic or have a hard outer plastic shell that cannot be trimmed to precisely fit your mouth.

Number Four:
Does the mouthpiece stay in without being too tight on your teeth and without causing tooth movement?

Number Five:
Is the mouthpiece customized for your unique bite so that no matter whether a person has a normal overbite, or an overbite that is more severe, or an under bite it will have the correct fit for your mouth?

Number Six:
Can the mouthpiece be custom designed to allow for either mouth breathing or nasal breathing or a combination of both?

Number Seven:
Is the mouthpiece customized to allow for lateral movement so that your jaw stays comfortable throughout the night if you grind your teeth or have TMJ symptoms? Many individuals who snore or have sleep apnea grind their teeth in their sleep and are not aware of it.

The Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution is the only stop snoring mouthpiece that meets all seven criteria making it not only the most comfortable but also the most effective anti snoring product on the market.

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

Invented by Dr. Don Closson, the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution offers all the benefits of an expensive snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece fabricated in a dental laboratory but at a small fraction of the cost!

Ultimate stop snoring solution anti snoring device

The Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution includes 3 stop snoring mouthpieces custom made to match your particular bite, the way you breathe at night, and the way your jaw muscles and joints function.

Anti Snoring

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Included with the
Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution:

3 Anti Snoring Devices & User Manual
custom made for your unique bite,
the way you breathe and to keep
your jaw joints comfortable

Sleep Therapy Guide
therapies, home remedies and
medications to help you get a
better night's sleep

Diagnosis Guide
tips if you are a nasal snorer or
you suspect you have sleep apnea

Our No-Risk Guarantee
Use the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution for 30 days, and if it does not stop your snoring, then you will receive a full refund (less shipping and handling)  with no questions asked. 

Find out why the Ultimate
Stop Snoring Solution is
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Success Stories

"Its great to have found something that finally works as advertised. I ended up trying all 3 anti-snoring devices you send me but when I got to the 3rd one my snoring stopped. Now I am back in the bedroom instead of on the couch—halleluiah!"

"The Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution fit my mouth so comfortably compared to my previous snore mouthpiece. It does not put any pressure against my teeth and stays on my teeth all night long.  Since I no longer awaken periodically during the night I wake up refreshed every morning."

"Prior to ordering the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution I purchased a "one-size-fits-everyone" stop snoring device but that mouthpiece didn’t stop my snoring. With the USSS devices I received from you, I completely eliminated my snoring by moving my lower jaw to the correct forward position. After using two of the three mouth guards I ordered from, my wife said I did not snore at all. It was far more easier to wear and more comfortable than the other mouthpiece I ordered online. Thank you (and my wife is especially grateful!)"

"When the sleep apnea appliance that my dentist made broke a couple of days before going overseas I panicked. Then I found your devices online, got them overnight and after fitting a couple of them I was able to sleep well on my entire trip. What a life saver!"

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